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Caroline is a born and raised Seattlite, as well as a marketer, journalist, and creative who is passionate about acting on the phrases "communication is key" and "hard work pays off."

Seeing the big picture is something I’ve been learning to do over the past few months. As I’ve discussed on my blog previously, I’m not naturally a big picture person – I love details, Post It notes with daily tasks neatly checked off, and throwing away a fully-completed checklist on Friday afternoon. Marketing is one

I’ve been at LexBlog for about 10 months now, which is weird to think. I think in my post-graduation haughtiness last June, I thought I would have a firm grip on marketing communications by now, wherever I ended up.

Truthfully (and all that pride aside), I still learn new things every single day, and sometimes

Today is International Women’s Day, a day to celebrate the outstanding achievements of women around the globe through the centuries.

Yesterday, I talked to my wonderful mentor, Jennifer Ransom, and we reflected on the incredible sense of community that women create within the business world. We help, nurture, and inspire one another without prompting. We

Happy New Year to you! Here’s to another year of working hard and learning new things. With this new year upon us, it seemed fitting to talk a bit about some marketing goals we’re working to accomplish in 2019 here at LexBlog.

This year, we’re working with a goal of making LexBlog known as a

If you were new to the legal industry, what would you expect a legal technology conference to be like? Probably drab, long, with lots of attendees in dark suits roaming the hotel corridors. That’s definitely what I thought when I joined LexBlog in July and heard I would be traveling to conferences with my team.

One of the first things I was told when entering the legaltech industry was that lawyers can be a challenging group to engage when it comes to marketing. This makes sense on the surface, especially when considering some of the baseline qualities that are necessary for legal professionals to develop – an innate ability to

Learning from the best and the brightest in an industry is something that professionals fly thousands of miles to see. They attend conferences in cities around the world to hear a renowned keynote speaker give a short talk about working hard, strategizing well, and the success that results from it.

Without need for flying across