What is Pinpointed Conversation?

“(adj.) Absolutely precise; to the finest degree” (Google Dictionary). The most important thing I have learned in the small time I’ve been in the marketing world is that you must know where your efforts are aimed. To whom are you marketing? What are their interests? Why should they care? These questions matter, and must be analyzed to the finest degree – to a pinpoint.

The purpose of this blog is to explain my thought process as I navigate a new industry. Learn with me as I discover the world of legaltech, talk with mentors, and grow as a young professional.

About the Blog Author

Caroline Hess is the Marketing and Communications Lead at LexBlog. She lives in Seattle and swears by the mantras “communication is key” and “hard work pays off.” In her free time, Caroline enjoys reading historical biographies, discovering new Seattle coffee shops, and singing and playing guitar with her husband, Clayton.

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