If you were new to the legal industry, what would you expect a legal technology conference to be like? Probably drab, long, with lots of attendees in dark suits roaming the hotel corridors. That’s definitely what I thought when I joined LexBlog in July and heard I would be traveling to conferences with my team.

From what I’ve heard, there are lots of legal conferences like this, and from what I heard prior to last week, the Clio Cloud Conference is different. After attending, I can definitely agree with Clio CEO Jack Newton when he says that someday soon, Clio Cloud may be the biggest conference in legal tech.

From a marketing perspective, this conference was absolutely spectacular. I came home to Seattle from New Orleans filled with inspiration from the creativity I saw displayed before me throughout the last week. As I head back to the grind today, I want to share a few of the main marketing elements that stood out to me while at Clio Cloud Conference.

1. Impeccable Organization

This may sound like a personal preference, but if there’s anything I’ve learned about effective marketing, it’s that organization is absolutely key to success. At this conference, Clio showcased incredible adeptness in understanding how to best cater to their attendees’ needs.

I saw this in how they placed employees at every corner to help people navigate the rather confusing hotel layout, how they implemented a branded conference app that sent push notifications about upcoming events and their locations, and how they delivered a personalized, handwritten note and gift to each attendee’s hotel room.

All of these reflect upon Clio’s mission to “transform the practice of law, for good” through creating a helpful, informative, and thoughtful week for their attendees–some of whom may not have been to a legal conference like this previously.

Through their organized fashion, they were able to make their company mission clear without distractions, like the confusion of getting lost while trying to find a breakout session or the frustration of feeling disregarded even though you forked out a lot of resources to be at this conference.

2. Leaving Them in Suspense

“Leave them wanting more, and they’ll call you back,” once said American singer and songwriter Bobby Womack. He’s right, especially when it comes to marketing a brand with a good reputation– and Clio nailed this aspect of their conference.

Clio took enormous efforts to keep attendees excited, and it worked for them. They sent push notifications on their conference app to nudge participants to attend speakers’ talks where new integrations, contest winners, and content would be announced. They left door hangers on each attendee’s hotel room door to tease the announcement of the Clio Cloud Conference 2019’s location, coyly stating “We’re feeling beach vibes…” (I, myself, could hardly wait to hear where in the world this next conference would be!). They thrilled audiences when announcing that the 2018 Legal Trends Report would be available to them first in the world.

In short, they made you feel special – and that is one of the greatest goals a marketer can achieve when reaching large audiences.

Leaving them in suspense only heightens this feeling, making your audience feel as though they are an important part of the story your company writes, from beginning to end. And all this comes from excellent marketing practices.

3. Caring about Every Single Detail

I cannot imagine the number of meetings, coordination, and organization that happened to make the 2018 Clio Cloud Conference happen, but I was witness to the product of their hard work. This immense event was successful because of Clio’s attention to every detail throughout the two days of the conference.

A lot of this stems from their dedication to customer experience, which is why, I think, most attendees swear by their reputation to put on the best legal technology conference in the world.

Beyond attendees, Clio showed great care for media partners like LexBlog. One of the ways this was most evidenced was in continually checking in on us via email, asking about how our experience was so far, setting up interviews for us with important figures, and ensuring that we were getting the best possible environment for reporting. Their attention to the details of our experience was much appreciated.

Summing It Up

When talking with Jack Newton at the closing party at B.B. King’s Jazz Club, I relayed an analogy to explain how I felt about the Clio Cloud Conference (I earned a laugh, so I think it’s worth telling).

The first concert I ever attended was for Beyoncé’s Formation Tour. I had a friend at the time who knew the stage manager, and was able to get us seats about 10 feet from the catwalk.

In short, I was 10 feet away from Beyoncé for about 2 hours, and it was unspeakably amazing.

Afterwards, everyone told me every other concert would feel like absolutely nothing compared to my first concert experience. And to this day, that is true.

The Clio Cloud Conference was my first legal technology conference, and from what my peers tell me, it will be the best conference experience I will ever have in the legal industry. The best part is, Clio can only get better from here.

Well done on being the Beyoncé of legal technology conferences, Clio.

And in all seriousness, my team and I were thoroughly impressed. I hope to be back next year to see you grow to even greater heights.