Learning from the best and the brightest in an industry is something that professionals fly thousands of miles to see. They attend conferences in cities around the world to hear a renowned keynote speaker give a short talk about working hard, strategizing well, and the success that results from it.

Without need for flying across the world, I was able to meet some of the brightest minds in the legal technology industry during my first week at LexBlog! As you may have seen if you follow our company blog, this week is LexWeek, a five day string of events that some employees have named “our own little conference.”

And what a week to start work – I was able to attend a series of company breakout sessions, lunch and learns, and fun events that facilitate team bonding and collaborative learning experiences. Outside of this, I’m making an effort to meet with each team member (all of whom have gladly opened time in their busy calendars to answer my copious number of questions about their work), which has facilitated so many helpful conversations and resources for me to absorb as a new hire.

This is my starting week as LexBlog’s Marketing and Communications Lead. I am tasked with representing our company to our base of dedicated customers, who participate in the mantra of CEO Kevin O’Keefe’s blog “Real Lawyers Have Blogs.” It will be an exciting challenge for me to expand my knowledge of the “ins-and-outs” within relationship-based marketing. One thing I’ve definitely learned so far: LexBlog truly cares about everyone they serve – from the newest customers to the most experienced employee.

On top of all this, it is an exciting time to be a marketer at LexBlog. With a new aggregation and syndication platform soon to launch, it reveals inevitable potential for marketing opportunities that will represent the hard work of our team in producing this product, as well as the many new benefits for our customers.

I am excited to share what I am learning as a marketer in legaltech with you as LexBlog continues the journey into their role as a publisher and advocate for showcasing the work advanced by talented individuals in the legal community.