One of the first things I was told when entering the legaltech industry was that lawyers can be a challenging group to engage when it comes to marketing. This makes sense on the surface, especially when considering some of the baseline qualities that are necessary for legal professionals to develop – an innate ability to deeply question the source of information.

But I’ve learned that successful marketing to lawyers goes beyond getting them past the skepticism of checking of the Terms and Conditions box. One thing that has become clear to me in my second week as a marketer at LexBlog is that lawyers aren’t the closed-off skeptics that the world often paints them to be. Lawyers appreciate marketing that builds genuine, trusting relationships.

In a recent post by Selligrent Marketing Cloud CEO, John Hernandez, in Business 2 Community, “Marketing in the Relationship Economy: 7 New Rules,” the importance of relationship-based marketing is only growing as consumers demand more personalization from brands as opposed to traditional transactional approaches. Hernandez emphasizes the consumer’s desire for excellent customer success, solidified trustworthiness of brands, and embraced usage of personally-applicable storytelling.

LexBlog fully embraces this mission. As a brand that is dedicated to building trustworthy relationships with our clients, we seek to offer the best services for legal publishing in our industry. This is found in the way we seek to serve each individual customer not only as an important client worthy of every minute of our time, but as a friend that we seek to support on their journey as a legal publisher.

As the pursuit of relationship-based marketing continues in today’s marketing economy, LexBlog continues to remain devoted in our role in building those genuine, trusting connections.